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Window treatments offer one of the fastest ways to update the look of your home, and they provide you with light and privacy control. Don't forget to install stylish curtain hardware to show off your new window treatments. Browse the huge selection of discount window treatments and hardware in the home store at Overstock.com today to find the perfect window treatments for your windows at the perfect price for your budget.
When you think about window treatments, you probably think of curtains first. Curtains are often the most visible way to update your windows and come in an astounding variety of colors, materials, sizes, styles and designs. Sheer curtains diffuse plenty of natural light in, while heavy blackout curtains keep light out of your bedroom for better sleep. Valances and window scarves add some extra style to your living room. Grommet-top curtains make pulling your curtains open and closed that much easier, and the grommets put lovely folds in the curtains to add some style to the room. Tab-top curtains create similar definition in the curtains and draw extra attention to your stylish curtain rod. Curtains with rod pockets hide the curtain rod and other hardware, making them look like extra-special wall art; when you use rod-pocket curtains, make sure your curtain rods have interesting finials, since that's what your guests will be able to see when you show off your new window treatments.
Blinds and shades are equally beautiful window treatments and are great if you want something unique for your home. Shades are woven to gently diffuse light and must be rolled or tied up to provide a view of the outdoors. Blinds are made of either vertical or horizontal slats that can be turned perpendicular to the window to allow bright light and a view, or they can be turned parallel to the window to block the light. Many blinds and shades are made of bamboo and other natural materials, so they make great window treatments for the environmentally conscious.
Don't forget to purchase curtain hardware, so you can install and hang your new window treatments. We have stylish curtain rods, rings and other hardware in lots of great colors and finishes with interesting details and finials. Purchase curtain hardware in sets to save time and money and to ensure all your windows match.
When it's time to update your windows, look no further than Overstock.com for stylish new window treatments. We have such a huge variety of curtains, sheers, valances, blinds, shades and hardware that you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for. Plus, all our window treatments and other home decor products are on sale every day, so you don't have to wait for clearance sales. Just browse, point and click at Overstock.com.