Male - Men's Shorts
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Male - Men's Shorts

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Recent Customer Reviews in Men's Shorts

  • Love the feel and pockets!!

    Nov 22, 2011

    akatdrake  from Duluth, MN, Rating:4.0

    Love the pockets! Great material and awesome for working out.

  • Great work out shorts

    Dec 28, 2011

    apple53  from Indianapolis, IN, Rating:5.0

    Nice practical Christmas gift that my husband really appreciated. They are loose and cool for his workouts.

  • Cooling men's shorts

    Jul 7, 2012

    lindy88  from Regina, Sask. Canada, Rating:5.0

    the fabric is a little heavier than I expected, but the mesh means that it breathes well - very comfortable and easy to wear - I especially like the pockets, I hadn't expected them for some reason. All in all very satisfied with my purchase!

  • Sliding Shorts (McDavid)

    Jul 5, 2012

    davem0818  from Florida, Rating:4.0

    The fit was pretty good. I wore them all of one day to see what kind of comfort to expect. I ride a motorcycle and bought them for some added protection. The downside to them is they are really scratchy against the skin

  • Not really made in the USA as it was advertized

    Sep 26, 2011

    scotttatman  from New York, NY, Rating:3.0

    Disappointed that it was listed as "Made in the USA" when it isn't. Nothing on the tags indicate that it was made in the USA. It does say that it was "assembled in Mexico". I'm not sure what "Made in the USA" means to A4 (brand, maker of these shorts), but if it's "assembled" in Mexico, then there is at least some misrepresentation here. That means that someone in this country didn't earn a living by assembling the product here. I've made it a goal to only buy USA made goods as a means to support the idea of bringing jobs back to this country. If we don't produce things here, then we can't keep jobs here. If we insist on buying products made here, then we create the market for it and perhaps force companies to start manufacturing here again. So when I seek out items that are branded as being made in the USA, I expect that it should be clarified if it was actually assembled someplace else. This isn't a political statement. I'm just tired of seeing everything we buy made someplace ...

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