Assembled - Cots, Airbeds, & Sleeping Pads
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Assembled - Cots, Airbeds, & Sleeping Pads

111 Results
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Recent Customer Reviews in Cots, Airbeds, & Sleeping Pads

  • Kamprite Oversize Tent-cot with Rainfly

    Today $155.56 Was $172.85
    Excellent product but came with manufacture defect

    Jul 21, 2014

    cnurnberger  from Fort Bragg, NC, Rating:5.0

    I was very excited to receive this product from the many good reviews I read and from a buddy of mine that actually bought one too, however, during my initial setup the very top right corner on the chair back side ripped!!! My initial thought was "#@% I did something wrong" but upon further investigation into the inside of the tent I noticed that the tent was sewn wrong thereby attaching the side of the tent to the corner further down than it was meant to be. Imagine my sigh of relief...I'm hoping this is just a rare occurrence because the rest of the tent cot is very well made (and I checked EVERYWHERE). I did a replacement request *** within 20 minutes of opening box so I'm crossing my fingers this will be an easy exchange...but onto the review. I like the foam mattress that it comes with but I may still add another thin air mattress as I prefer the comfort for my back. The head room that this oversized tent cot comes with is just right for my 6 ft (200+ lb) frame while sitting tow...

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  • will not stay up 24 hours

    Jul 21, 2014

    dixie44  from Mississippi, Rating:1.0

    Sorry to tell you but the bed would not stay inflated for 24 hours. thanks Marianne Stewart

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  • Sad, not a good bed

    Jul 18, 2014

    rossie7  from Austin Texas, Rating:1.0

    Usually Coleman makes decent products but this bed just does not hold air, have had better luck with even less expensive air beds from **********. have used several times so throwing away.

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  • Comfortable, slippery, hard to deflate

    Jul 14, 2014

    nina1948  from RI, Rating:4.0

    There must be a trick to deflating this thing, but what it is, I don't know. After opening the valves, I first accordion-fold it three times and sit on it to contemplate. After the hissing stops, I close the valves and begin to accordion again with 6 folds. When I get to the third fold, I open the valves and proceed. More sitting and contemplating. Close valves when hissing stops. The next time, I roll, opening the valves when about half-rolled. And then--yes! More sitting in contemplation. Repeat. After all this, I now have a roll that is still too big fit back into the bag, have done a lot of meditating, and am an accomplished Buddhist. As to the comfort of this mat, ahhhh, a different story. COMFY! VERY! Even my old creaky bones are happy. That is, so long as I don't slither off the slick covering. I solved this problem with a strip of that rubber mesh used for shelf lining. It's light, rolls up small (unlike the mat itself) and keeps my bag in place on top of the ...

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  • Jul 13, 2014

    mikejw  from NJ, Rating:5.0

    the blower worked well. the matress was ready in about 4 to 5 minutes. Sleeping on it was comfortable and it held the air well. deflating was easy also and when you follow the directions, packing it back into its' bag was no problem. I thought it was a good buy.

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