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Recent Customer Reviews in Auto Accessories

  • Rightline Gear 'Sport 2' Car Top Carrier

    Today $99.95 Compare $159.03 Save 37%
    Excellent and easy

    Jun 23, 2014

    dddale1  from Eldridge, IA, Rating:5.0

    Very easy to use and can store lots of items. Very happy with the quality of the material, and the rubber edged zipper. It was easy to get filled, close up, and strap on. Very happy with it and look forwrd to more trips using it!

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  • Jun 12, 2014

    ohioshoppingmomma  from Ohio, Rating:3.0

    I was so excited for this rooftop carrier. As a mother of four, traveling 8 hours to the mountains, with multiple strollers and pack and plays, I was disappointed to say the least when I found out this product would not work on my minivan. I researched several carriers looking for one I could use without a roof rack and decided on this manufacturer. After contemplating the installation I was wondering how it would work with sliding van doors. After calling Rightline, I found out not only will it not work, I can't even purchase the clips to install it on the frame. They suggested the saddlebag, however with only a few days before our trip, there is no way I will get it from an online retailer.

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  • Pop Up Trailer Rack

    Today $100.99

    Jun 5, 2014

    bobkerry  from Tucson, Arizona, Rating:5.0

    Very easy to install. The lag bolts on one stand missed a stud but the supplied bolts and backup plate solve that problem.

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  • decent rack for the money

    Jun 4, 2014

    daninct  from Connecticut, Rating:4.0

    easy to install unit. comes with a locking bolt to attach to hitch which is a nice feature. most times you need to buy your own as an extra. The tilt and the folding feature is more manual than on the upper end competitor models but they are not worth double the price to have so I am OK with what I knew I would receive. The main post only bolts to the lower fame unit so anyone with a wrench can take the entire unit if they want. But for a short road stop I feel safe that no one will casually walk by and take the unit. You can lock your bikes to the locking lower unit so again a casual thief will be deterred but with any unit if someone wants your stuff they will take it with a bolt cutter. The folding arms are just long enough and spaced enough that when lowered they line up with my rear parking sensors so in reverse I have the constant alarm go off. Very annoying. My older unit was not in that line so my backup alarm was still working well. That is the only major draw back for ...

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  • May 22, 2014

    ginger6699  from TEXAS, Rating:5.0

    It met all of our expectations. Worked out great. We did not use it on the top of our car, but in the back of the pick up with a motorcycle, another hard plastic box, other items in plastic bags. We are very happy.

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