More Information about Sony PlayStation 2

Sit down, settle in and get ready to rock on a PlayStation 2. Game systems have come a long way since the days of joystick controls and diode displays. Today's gaming systems have something for everyone; the PlayStation 2 is compatible with over 1,800 hundred games, so everyone from grandpa to your uncle Bob can find something to pass the time.
PlayStation 2 is a multifunction gaming system; it lets you play games, watch movies, even join a group and play online games with multiple players. The PlayStation 2 plays not only DVDs but also CDs, so you can enjoy your favorite music, movies and games from a single device.
One of the things that makes the PlayStation 2 an innovative gaming system is the accessories you can get to go with it. Specialized controllers let you feel the shocks and explosions that go along with the games you love to play. If you like to play in a group, you don't have to worry; PlayStation 2 accessory packs allow multiple controllers to be plugged into the same console. As PlayStation 2 games get more advanced, so do the associated accessories; compatible games and accessories let you map in your face and voice recordings to make the PlayStation 2 games even more personalized and fun. There are even microphone plug-ins, so you can really belt it out when playing your favorite sing-along games. The PlayStation 2 is really a system for the whole family.
Following the innovative design trends we've all come to love, the PlayStation 2 is available in multiple color options; don't feel limited to basic black. You can branch out and keep your home looking its best, even loaded down with game systems.
PlayStation 2 game systems have the added advantage of being compatible with earlier versions of the PlayStation. Most games you can play on the original PlayStation can also be played on the PlayStation 2, so upgrading your system doesn't mean abandoning your classic games. Shop and get started on your quest for fun at a price that can't be beat.
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