October Birthstone

October is a beautiful month, full of golden leaves, orange pumpkins, and red apples. Many of my friends love autumn more than any other time of year, especially if they get to bundle up in new fashions. A special month deserves a special birthstone, and lucky October gets two. 

Opal is the traditional October birthstone. Popular as ornamentation and as mystical healing stones, opals reflect rainbow colors, the fascinating patterns changing constantly. Get a soft shimmer with the white and pastel gems, or go bold with the bright orange of fire opal. October also has a modern birthstone, the pink tourmaline. This gem's color has been called autumn rose, and the pretty stone mixes well with other colored gemstones. It also matches fall's darker fashions.

D'Yach 10k Yellow Gold Fire Opals and Australian Opals Flower Ring Miadora 10k White Gold Opal/ Diamond Heart Necklace 14k White Gold and Tourmaline Earrings Michael Valitutti 18k Yellow Gold Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Ring Miadora Rose Goldplated Silver 6ct TGW Gemstone Flower Earrings Miadora Sterling Silver Pink Tourmaline 1/5ct TDW Diamond Ring D'Yach 14k Rose Gold Pink Opal and 1ct TDW Diamond Earrings Miadora 10k Yellow Gold Opal and Diamond Ring Sterling Silver 'Time in a Bottle' Pink Tourmaline Pendant


October Birthstone Jewelry

  1. Fire Opals and Australian Opals Flower Ring
  2. Opal and Diamond Heart Necklace
  3. Tourmaline Studs
  4. Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Ring
  5. Tourmaline Flower Earrings
  6. Sterling Silver and Pink Tourmaline Ring
  7. Pink Opal and Diamond Earrings
  8. Opal and Diamond Ring
  9. "Time in a Bottle" October Birthstone Necklace


Which gem do you prefer? The luminous glow of opal or the deep color of pink tourmaline? Of course, you don't really have to choose. We have plenty of both to fill your jewelry box. 



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Shawna Edwards



Oct. 25, 2013 at 5:17 PM

I never knew ther was a gem, other than opal for October..The pink tourmaline is just beautiful! I love them both...Thanx for the info!

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