Monthly Obsession: Sherlock

Usually when January comes around, I'm more interested in wrapping up in wool blankets or finding new flavors of cocoa than anything else. But this January is different. This January, BBC's Sherlock comes back from its two-year hiatus, and I for one cannot be more excited.

The first episode of the third season is airing in the US on January 19th, but it has already aired in the UK.  To get ready for the debut here, I've been indulging in all things British and Sherlock Holmes. Go ahead and join me: Pour yourself a cup of Earl Grey, put on your deerstalker, and relive Holmes' adventures -- both on the screen and on the page.


Sherlock Season One Blu-Ray Sherlock Season Two Blu-Ray Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Paperback The Complete Sherlock Holmes British Gentleman Throw Pillow 24-inch Union Jack Ottoman


Sherlock Season One 

Sherlock Season Two 

British Gentleman Throw Pillow

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes 

The Complete Sherlock Holmes 

Union Jack Ottoman


What do you think of Sherlock Holmes? Are you excited about the return of Sherlock?



Posted by Emily Harrison

Emily Harrison



Jan. 10, 2014 at 3:17 PM

I don't have a deerstalker, but I do have plenty of Earl Grey tea, my grandmother's tea cups, and a tartan throw (Sir ACD was from Scotland).

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