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  • Nice settings, poor stones

    Dec 10, 2014

    Shane  from SLC, UT, Rating:2.0

    This was one of 3 rings I ordered, knowing I would send 2 back .Initially it was my favorite from the pictures and I was pretty sure it would be the one I kept. In reality it was a big disappointment. The setting is very nice but unfortunately the stones are very poorly matched and do not look good even to the naked eye, under magnification and in sunlight it only gets worse. There were 3-4 really nice stones that were clear and nearly colorless, then 3 -4 stones that were dull and gray and the rest were average. The really nice and the poor stones stuck out badly. No way I would ever give this to the woman I love. Also it did not seem like it was 3/4 carat, the other 2 rings I ordered were 1/2 carat and both looked like they had more diamond weight. Sending it back.

  • Oct 31, 2014

    Happy Wife  from Virginia, Rating:4.0

    I was looking for a wedding band to add to my wedding set. This ring goes great with my other two rings. It is slightly smaller than I expected, but still fits wonderfully with my set.

  • My choice is rose

    Oct 18, 2014

    ljlovesfl2014  from Titusville, Fl, Rating:4.0

    Rose gold and black diamonds are beautiful. The diamonds sparkle giving off pink light from the gold. You don't need to guess if the gold is rose or yellow. Most likely I will stack this ring with other black diamond bands from Overstock. I have silver and some are gold. They look great and I didn't break the bank buying them.

  • Poor quality setting

    Dec 11, 2014

    Lisa  from Minneapolis, MN, Rating:1.0

    My husband and I ordered this ring for our 10th wedding anniversary. I received 3 rings in total, and returned two, through a course of weeks of purchases and exchanges. All three of the rings sent to me were poorly set. The last was the worst, but by that time I was so frustrated I just gave up and kept it. It was a mistake. Every time I look at it I'm irritated. The diamonds are supposed to lay flat and flush in the ring. They are all off kilter and messed up. None of them lay flat. It makes me very sad. I would have exchanged it for a fourth time but had no faith that a four time would yield any better results. I wish Overstock would address this matter, find a new ring and exchange the product. If they know the complaint, they should have checked the other rings before sending them out to their customers.

  • Oct 9, 2014

    anirishlassie  from Washington DC, Rating:4.0

    The workmanship and detailing in the silver are great. The diamonds appear much smaller than pictured. They shine some, but not at a wow factor. The infinity detailing on the side is really sweet. As a wedding band alone, it may disappoint. If you want an accent ring, this works nicely.

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