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9-10 mm - Rings

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  • Ring coating chipped after 6 weeks of wearing

    Dec 18, 2014

    mrsrae  from Coolville, OH, Rating:1.0

    After wearing the ring set for 6 weeks, I noticed that the coating on the ring was chipping. I have never had a ring to do this. It seems to be poor quality.

  • was a little bit bigger than i thought

    Dec 17, 2014

    Rachel A. Rating:4.0

    The heart was bigger than i had expected but it is still a pretty ring

  • Dec 18, 2014

    fornat2003  from Nevada, Rating:5.0

    this ring is just beautiful. The cut of the stone causes it to be very brilliant. I might order another one. Very pretty ring for the price, good value. Looking forward to wearing it.

  • stone looks like its been used before

    Dec 19, 2014

    ladywatcher  from Saint Petersburg, Florida, Rating:1.0

    the body of the ring is rather strange colored. the stone looks like one that has been recycled from another jewelry project, and used very roughly.......after the holidays its going back to overstock for a refund for real sure.

  • Cute Ring, needs a slight re-design

    Dec 20, 2014

    emeraldseye  from New Orleans, LA, Rating:1.0

    I ordered this for my daughter for Christmas and it arrived today 12/19/2014, good thing I have something else for her, or I would be incredibly upset. This ring is going back. I love the idea of this ring, but the execution in the interchangeable stones is quite inconsistent, it comes with a total of 14 different stones, however 8 of them were so small they fell right through the hole. You could see noticeable differences in the stone sizes prior to opening up the bag they came in, but I thought maybe it was just me and they would fit, but I was agog at how many did not fit. While the band itself does allow for a little "shaping", the stones were still too small and fell out. I already knew I was going to send it back, so I showed it to my daughter and her comment on it was she enjoyed the thought much more than the actual ring, since it was so disappointing. Additionally, while you cannot tell by looking at it, the setting that you pop the stones in and out of is VERY sharp and...

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