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Recent Customer Reviews in Plumbing

  • No hot water after 3 uses! Return for good.

    Apr 17, 2012

    ptsong  from New York, NY, Rating:1.0

    I opened this and found handle has some scratch marks- looks used. Overstock quickly sent replacement. That was commendable. Then the shower leaks and the flex. host was again sent to me quickly. 3 showers and the water thermostat failed. I only got cold water. Called VIGO and they said I need to lessen the pressure then 45 psi. The mixer cannot handle anything above it. What a joke that was. Never heard good pressure render a shower useless but that is what it is. I was told to get 2 small pressure control valve immediately before he thermostat get blown. Return this for sure. What good when you cannot have any hot shower with this??? Now my problem is paying the plumber to dismantle it beside finding a box to contain and return this bad product. I decide to choose this after reading good things but obviously I can't trust some reviews here. Please think twice getting this. I may have bad luck with a lemon but will see if others has same hot water issue and same feeling about...

  • May 28, 2012

    martuchie  from Michigan, Rating:5.0

    I ordered the vent kit with a tankless water heater. Both were shipped together, and were in good condition. I had them both installed and the directions were very clear and easy to read. It has been two years that both have been in operation and I am very pleased with the performance. I would buy again.

  • best bathroom remodel investment by far

    Mar 7, 2012

    kkmi44  from PA, Rating:5.0

    This has changed our shower into a spa-like experience. Our plumber was able to install it with minimal fuss, and didn't charge us more than for a regular showerhead hook up. The jets are not as strong as the kind which are plumbed/installed separately, but for the price, this can't be beat. Highly recommended!

  • Great shower panel for the price! Lots of options.

    May 16, 2012

    ncairns  from New York, Rating:4.0

    This shower panel was a great buy. We bought a house that had a similar panel installed, but it was no longer fully functioning and had begun to show wear and tear. We bought this to replace the existing unit. The install was very easy, as we already had the proper plumbing in place. The only difficult part was mounting it to the wall. The mounting brackets and screws had to be perfectly aligned. We wound up using the brackets from the old unit and retro-fitted them to the new unit. Worked fine. The shower and all it's features work really well, although the "fogless" mirror does tend to fog up a little. But not a deal-breaker. It was actually just a bonus feature that we weren't originally looking for anyway. The 2 shower heads give a nice stream of water and can be varied using the adjustable head. The jets are also nice, although because the holes are small and our water pressure is high, they tend to tickle. We solved this problem by only turning them on half-way and leaving the s...

  • this faucet just fits in with my western decor

    Dec 4, 2013

    samtheham  from arizona, Rating:5.0

    Good faucet, easy to install, great color, fits in with old western decor. The only trouble I had was fitting under the sink, lets hope it will last for a few years. the spray is strong and doesn't leak. I will recommend this facet to my neighbors as we all have old western theme homes.

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