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5 Tips to Help You Defeat Insomnia

If your typical night's sleep involves a lot of tossing, turning, and staring at your ceiling, you may suffer from insomnia. As with 30 million other Americans, this condition affects more than just how you sleep; it affects your life. Poor-quality sleep can cause a lack of concentration at work and can limit the energy needed to spend time with family and friends. These methods work for many insomnia sufferers, and they may work for you, too. Defeating Insomnia: Live healthy. A healthy you means better sleep. Make sure you get regular exercise, eat a healthy diet, and take daily vitamins. Read More

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Select Luxury - Mattresses

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Why should I choose a foam mattress instead of an innerspring mattress?

We are foam specialists and been manufacturing foam products including mattresses for over 40 years. Foam mattresses feature outstanding pressure relief compared with traditional innerspring mattresses and have become increasingly popular over the last decade. Overall, foam is more comfortable. The many different kinds of foam available make it possible for us to design mattresses for each person’s preference.

What mattress firmness levels do you offer?

Select Luxury has a mattress for everyone. We use foams of all firmness levels to create mattresses that are comfortable and supportive. Most of our mattresses have a medium firm feel as our experience shows that this is the preferred comfort level for most consumers. We do offer firmer and plusher mattresses. The description of each mattress indicates the firmness level.

What is Latex Foam?

Select Luxury latex foam is all natural and manufactured from the sap of rubber trees unlike other latex foam which can be made from synthetic materials. Our natural latex has outstanding airflow and pressure relief qualities for a cool, comfortable sleep. It is durable, resilient and provides uplifting support so you avoid that ‘sinking-in’ feeling. Select Luxury latex foam is considered the ultimate cushioning material.

What is Memory Foam?

Pressure and temperature sensitive memory foam contours to your body and helps to reduce pressure points that cause discomfort and tossing & turning. Memory foam is a very plush material. In our mattresses we always match memory foam with a firmer foam underneath to provide optimal support plus comfort. Select Luxury memory foam uses open cell technology for improved airflow.

What is Gel Memory Foam?

Memory foam infused with gel incorporates the latest in sleep technology to provide the comfort and pressure relief of memory foam, with the cooling and heat dissipation benefits of gel.

What are the benefits of a double sided mattress?

Our reversible foam mattresses use the original cushioning comfort sleep surface to reduce tossing and turning and provide outstanding support. The reversible & lightweight construction allows the mattress to be easily flipped over for use on either side allowing for increased longevity and comfort.

What are the benefits of an E.C.O. Latex product?

Experience the plush support of Natural Latex: nature’s best sleep surface. Latex conforms to the body for exceptional orthopedic support and pressure relief without the ‘sinking-in’ feeling of memory foam. Made with natural latex from rubber trees, Eco-Friendly Latex is renewable and sustainable.

Do you offer lifestyle/specialty sleep products?

Whatever sleep solution you are searching for, Select Luxury® has the product you need. Some of our specialty products include: Mattresses and toppers for RV’s, Sofa-Beds, and Bunk Beds. Everyone deserves a luxurious night’s sleep.

Why do your mattresses have different foam layers?

In addition to the top layer of foam that forms the sleep surface, foam mattresses can have additional layers. The base layer of high density polyurethane foam provides support and stability for your foam mattress. All memory foam mattresses will have a base layer that provides stability and support underneath the memory foam layer. (Some of our E.C.O. Latex Mattresses also have a supportive foam base layer). In addition, some mattresses will have a transition layer of foam, which sits between the memory foam top layer and the base foam, optimizing the pressure relieving benefit of the memory foam top layer.

What are your mattress topper sizes?

Select Luxury offers sizes of Twin, Full, Queen, and King in our mattress toppers. Please be aware that on some toppers, the dimensions may be slightly smaller than your mattress dimensions. The size has been designed to allow you to easily secure your fitted sheet over your new memory foam topper. Please keep this in mind when you place the topper on your mattress.

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Certipur: Foams that feel good and you can feel good about!

Environmentally innovative CertiPUR-US® certified foam is tested and approved to meet rigorous standards for chemical content, durability, emissions and performance.

Natural Latex: Natures best sleep surface.

Experience the plush support of Natural Latex. Latex conforms to the body for exceptional orthopedic support and pressure relief without the ‘sinking-in‘ feeling of memory foam. Made with natural latex from rubber trees it is naturally hypo-allergenic, Eco-Friendly Latex is also renewable and sustainable.

Proudly crafted in the USA

All of our products are manufactured and assembled in the USA out of the finest ingredients. Great care is taken to make sure they meet the finest standards of American Craftsmanship and quality. When you buy a Select Luxury® product, you can feel good about knowing you are helping to support an American Manufacturer.

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Unwrap. Unroll. Reshape.

Mattresses are shipped to you in a box that is easy to fit through your door. It is compressed, rolled and sealed in a protective bag for shipping convenience. Our sleep products quickly return to their original shape so you can sleep on them that same night!

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