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California King Size - Mattresses

Get the blissful night's sleep you deserve with these California king-size mattresses. Soft and inviting, these mattresses give you a rejuvenating rest you can count on. Free Shipping.*

PureLife Summit PureGel Memory Foam 12-inch King-size Mattress
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PureLife Summit PureGel Memory Foam 12-inch King-size Mattress
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California King Mattresses

California king mattresses are well-known as being nothing short of luxurious. These extra-large mattresses are great for tall couples who want to lay in bed comfortably or just spread out. The California king-size mattress is much longer than a king-size mattress, measuring 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. This long, narrow mattress allows you to experience a sophisticated, comfortable sleep like no other. Visit to find a California king mattress that is right for you.
The California king mattress is the largest mattress size you can find on the market. With plenty of room, these large mattresses allow you to stretch out. Simply couple them with luxurious sheets, comforters and pillows for the ultimate relaxation experience. With low prices on, you can easily start creating your perfect bed.
There are several different California king mattresses to choose from, each one catering to a different body style. Coil mattresses are the traditional style and feature a basic, familiar form. Memory foam mattresses are the latest in comfort, allowing precise comfort for your individual body type by making you feel as if you are floating. By finding a mattress that helps you sleep best, you can experience the best in comfort.
While the California king-size may seem extravagant, it is actually quite affordable. The large mattress is delivered right to your door, saving you both time and money. When you use, you can also find all of your accessories in one place. Unique mattress pads that further enhance your comfort can be found with just a few quick clicks. Even though the price is discounted, has plenty of brand names to choose from, so you can easily find the perfect California king mattress.

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