Medium space - Lighting & Ceiling Fans
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Medium space - Lighting & Ceiling Fans

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  • Quality product, assembly slightly challenging

    Dec 17, 2014

    Angelique  from Denver, CO, Rating:4.0

    This product is very attractive, stylish and sturdy. The base is very heavy in order to counter weigh the arc and weight of the shade/bulb side. The shade is definitely white (cream when lit up) and very good quality (sturdy). I was a little disappointed that straight out of the box, the shade had a 2" long dent in it, which is made more obvious when the light is turned on. Assembling the lamp isn't necessarily difficult, but it did take some experimenting/guessing/trial and error to figure out. Initially, after I assembled it and the shade was attached, the arc of the lamp was far too low and it was frustrating that tightening the screw at the base didn't seem to help raise the shade. Eventually I realized that the bottom section of the arm/pole needed to be pointing away from the direction that the lamp would arc and then attaching the top half of the arm/pole would pull/bend the bottom half into a more upright position so that the shade would hang higher. Also, I found it benefi...

  • Don't waste your time

    Dec 15, 2014

    SmartShopper  from CA, Rating:1.0

    I am really stumped at all the good reviews? This item was a HUGE disappointment. I am new to, and given this example of their products I will more than likely not shop here again. This lamp came to me as an obviously used, broken and returned item. There was a glass grape missing from the shade, and the entire interior of the box was broken up, lamp dusty, that tag that is attached to the lamps cord, that was missing with just the gummy residue remaining. Box looked beat up, and taped over many times. VERY obvious this was a returned item. So my question to is: Do you take peoples returns, not even inspect them, and just turn around and sell to a new customer? Because. if so, that is REALLY bad business. Aside from the above, the shade, although claimed to be "stained glass" when tapped makes a dull thud like hard plastic, if this is "real" glass I'm a monkey's uncle. The ceramic base also does not look anywhere near as nice as the website picture. I am r...

  • Dec 14, 2014

    Christine R. Rating:3.0

    It was an ok lamp- a bit cheap looking but it lights up my offices space well and for the price I can't complain. Definitely not high fashion!

  • Nice lamp--fits my decor

    Dec 16, 2014

    penweigandt  from San Antonio, TX, Rating:4.0

    This lamp is perfect for what I needed it for. Has a modern yet traditional feel. I like the different colors of the glass--the simple striped design goes with my color scheme/patterns perfectly. It was packaged safely and arrived in perfect condition. Easy to put together!

  • Directions are TERRIBLE!!!!

    Dec 16, 2014

    sarahpassot  from New Bern, NC, Rating:2.0

    This chandelier is in pieces all over my living room floor right now. It comes packaged in styrofoam that separates in to a hundred little balls that want to stick to everything, and then once you have all the pieces out, you look at the directions and realize you're screwed. The "directions" are printed out on a half sized sheet of paper, the font is about a size 2, not printed clearly and are basically no help at all. I have labelled all the wires with "A" and "B" and have tried attached one arm to the base, and I'm beyond frustrated now. Half of the arms have this dangling wire thing with nuts and bolts attached to it and I can't figure out for the life of me, how to get the candle sleeve to keep them upright.. there is no help here. I'm sure the chandelier looks lovely when it's all put together, but GOOD LUCK getting that accomplished!!! A thousand tiny pieces to work with and basically no directions. Whoever is in charge of writing the directions for this needs to be fired...

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