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Red Vanilla - White - Coffee Mugs

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Moscow Mule Mug Buying Guide

Out of the countless specialty drinks that exist today, the Moscow Mule remains a unique combination of flavor and presentation. Whether this is already your drink of choice or you're looking to embark on a new, adult-beverage adventure, the Moscow Mule is a crowd pleaser with a great history. All About the Moscow Mule: How the Moscow Mule Came to Be It all began back in 1941, as three friends gathered in the bar of the Chatham Hotel in Manhattan. Those friends were Jack Morgan, John Martin, and Rudolph Kunett. Read More

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Red Vanilla - White - Coffee Mugs

Red Vanilla logo

Red Vanilla specializes in elegant, stylish, and flavorful design elements for the home and home office. Our products range from dinnerware to unique home decor, from thermal coolers to fiery red volcanoes. Our products are always unique and never fail to make a statement in any room.

Red Vanilla specializes in fashion forward tableware, decorative accessories, giftware, furniture and unique tabletop accessories. Our collections offer a coordinated, stylish and affordable range of products for everyday use. A mix of unique and eclectic products for the young and young at heart. The assortment is updated regularly in order to keep the brand fresh and exciting.

Our philosophy is to present fresh, simple, functional, innovative and coordinated tableware and giftware at affordable prices. At Red Vanilla, we're inspired by the art of entertainment. Our products will add a fresh, new, modern style to your home or office.

Red Vanilla inspires, creates a feeling, a sense of belonging and family.

Our brand brings you more than product – Red Vanilla is quite simply "homewares with flavour!"

Red Vanilla logo

What is Red Vanilla?

Red Vanilla is a great night out and a quiet night in. It’s dinner with friends in high fashion. It’s vibrant, crisp, defined, and coherent in its simplicity as a concept. Red Vanilla is a lifestyle, an all encompassing array of sophistication intended to blanket your existence with the quality and design that you expect to live in, all with pieces that are as unexpected as they are varied.

Brian Blake, a 14 year veteran of Mikasa and the son of Mikasa visionary Alf Blake, established Red Vanilla in 2004 with two overarching ideas: Red Vanilla needed to embody a lifestyle of entertainment, enjoyment, and design and Red Vanilla needed to define itself by finding ideal products of the highest quality. To accomplish this, Red Vanilla’s dinnerware, serveware, giftware, furniture, and centerpieces exist on the cutting edge of design all while driving the industry forward with an inspired perspective on where to go next. Brian has said that Red Vanilla has an advantage in attaining the pinnacle of design, noting that “the beauty of Red Vanilla is we’re not the Queen Mary, I’m just a guy in a rowboat and I can quickly change direction. We can continually reinvent ourselves around fun and hip product.” Because of this, Red Vanilla’s design elements are always adapting, always current, and always at the forefront of contemporary aesthetic practice.  

Red Vanilla stands by its products 100%. At Red Vanilla, you have the opportunity to buy dinnerware that we also sell to hotels and restaurants, industries which demand high performance and long lasting quality under the most strenuous conditions. When you purchase from Red Vanilla, you can be confident that some of the best restaurants in the country trust Red Vanilla’s patterns to frame their food and to survive the daily punishment of an industrial kitchen.

Red Vanilla is design with flavour.  Live a more flavourful life with Red Vanilla.

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