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Storage Bed - Beds

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Storage Beds

Bedrooms usually are not the largest rooms in a house or apartment, but we expect them to do a lot of the storage. Much of this can be accomplished with chests of drawers, armoires and shelves, but all of these pieces of furniture take up a lot of floor space. In addition, a bed takes up the lion’s share of the space. Storage beds provide an ideal way to combat this problem. These functional beds open up so much space that you might be amazed that you ever lived without one.
Storage beds allow you to store your personal belongings beneath a raised bed platform. By increasing the amount of space under the bed, these beds reduce the need to use other space-consuming furniture.
The bedroom is an excellent place to begin organizing a home. The function and relatively small space of a bedroom requires you to effectively utilize the room’s space so that the room can be used as a viable storage option. Storage beds create plenty of storage space without taking up any more floor space than a regular bed, and these types of beds are available in sizes ranging from twin to California king to meet your needs.
Since storage beds have multiple compartments, you can organize them how you would like. For example, there could be a compartment of clothes for each season or one drawer each for shoes, shirts, coats and undergarments. Two people sharing a bed could even split the storage space, keeping all of their articles separate and organized.

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