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New - Air & Water Filters

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Recent Customer Reviews in Air & Water Filters

  • i hate it...doesnt remove the odor!

    Jul 6, 2014

    4gloriab  from rochester mn, Rating:1.0

    hate it. doesn't get rid of the odor! would not recommend this to anyone. it is a waste of money.

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  • Must Have For the Basement

    Jul 3, 2014

    chinny8  from Duxbury, MA, Rating:5.0

    I was looking for a large capacity dehumidifier for my basement to replace an extremely old hand-me-down. It runs quietly. It is easy to use out of the box. It is easy to empty. My only knock is that you can't set it for a certain level of humidity. I currently have it on continuous operation with a hose to a large trash can. So far, so good.

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  • Powerfully Effective, but wrong color!

    Jul 2, 2014

    catgrrrl  from palo alto, ca, Rating:5.0

    This little machine made my hayfever completely manageable! I was taking 4 doses of Clariton a day plus decongestants and very miserable. Just using this at night calmed my system down enough to last most of the day. I love it so much I take it up to the cabin on weekends and other overnight trips (by car). One annoyance: I clearly ordered the BLACK and they send me CHERRY wood. I don't like the color at all, but as soon as I plugged it in, I didn't want to go without it for a week or two to straightened it out. Two drawbacks: the assembly instructions were not very clear for putting in the filter but after doing it wrong once I figured it out. Also, on the electrical, it warns you not to plug it into a 2-hole outlet (as in the old ungrounded kind from the 60s) with a converter, you must use the 3-hole outlets that have the ground. One house I stayed had only old electrical in the guest room and I didn't dare use it.

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  • So Far... So Good?

    Jun 30, 2014

    ivyarmy  from Farmington Hills, MI, Rating:4.0

    I've only had this product for 2 weeks but have used it in several rooms during this time. It is aesthestically beautiful to the eye and looks like modern art, but the beauty may come at a price because it is a bit bulky and dense to carry despite it's small size and it takes very little movement to produce leaks. It does a great job at keeping humidity levels between 30-35% and it is pretty quiet. The mist output gradually controls humidity then sustains it, if you're lookin for a big room powerhouse this is not it. I hope this ultrasonic lasts longer than my discontinued Shaper Image (4 months), but based on my experience the life of the product is directly tied to how carefully the water container is reattached to the unit and the surface it is placed on.

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  • Best unit I ever owned

    Jun 29, 2014

    saffondacox2  from San Francisco, Ca, Rating:5.0

    For an entry-level air purifier, this Mammoth Classic really does the job. I have COPD plus severe allergy so imagine I had to get up 2 or 3 times every night because of discomfort. I'm happy to report that I rarely do that now. I could really feel the difference of the air quality in my condo. I have a dog too so this really helps. I only use the ozone when I take my dog for a walk. When I get back I turn it back off. I just wish this one had a remote. I would definitely buy this unit again given the opportunity. Merci Mammoth!

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