TENS 7000 Pain Management Tens Unit

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Manage your pain with this TENS 7000 pain management unit. This TENS unit is ideal for the chronic pain sufferer and can be used on many parts of the body. This battery-operated unit is especially useful on pain in the neck, back, feet and legs.


ITEM#: 13127426

This TENS Unit Pain management offers the best pain relief for the back, foot, neck or anywhere that is causing discomfort. When nothing else is working, TENS 7000 Pain management offers that much needed comfort.

This pain management unit includes a handy carrying case, so you can relieve your pain anywhere, even while traveling. When your time is limited, you can set the timer on this device for anywhere from five and 60 minutes instead of leaving the unit set for continuous use. The pulse rate is also adjustable.

  • Technical specifications: Dual channel, isolated between channels
  • Includes: Unit, lead wires, four (4) individual electrodes, 9-volt battery, instructions, case
  • Pulse amplitude: Adjustable
  • 0-100 mA peak into 500 ohm load each channel
  • Voltage: 0 to 50 volts (load: 500 ohm)
  • Pulse rate: Adjustable from 2 to 150 Hz, 1 Hz/step
  • Pulse width: Adjustable from 50 to 300 microseconds
  • 10uS/step
  • Require 9 volt battery
  • Wave form: Asymmetrical bi-phasic square pulse
  • 5 modes: B(burst)/N(normal)/M(modulation)/SD1(strength duration)/SD2
  • Patient compliance meter stores 60 sets of operation records
  • Total recorded time is 999 hours
  • Timer: Adjustable from 5 to 60 minutes or continuous
  • Adjustable in 5 minutes each step
  • Treatment time countdown automatically


Dimensions 6.0x8.0x10.0
Materials plastic, electronics
Model Number 813520010769

Customer Reviews

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  • great pain reliever!

    This is small but mighty! Convenient and small, easy to travel with.

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  • Tens Pain Management Unit

    I was going to therapy and all that was used was a unit almost the same as the Tens 7000 The cost was $87 each time I made a visit so I decided to try and find one to purchase. I now use this machine and I am out of pain and also money in pocket Many the best investment I have ever purchased

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  • Happy buyer

    was on time. Vary happy with the Tens unit.

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  • Great Pain for Chronic Pain Relief

    My wife and I both suffer from chronic pain. Our health professionals suggested we purchase a home unit after treatment in their offices. This unit is very well worth the expense and delivers much appreciated relief.

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  • Gerald

    Great product. Much the same benefit I received in physical therapy. highly recommended!

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  • ok tells what it is

    I am a bio-medical engineer and purchased the TENS7000 to relive back pain from a spinal injury. I was suprised to the quality and strength of this unit. it is higher quality than most units that I have repaired or serviced in the hospitals and rehab centers that I have worked in over the past twenty eight years through the U.S.A and Canada. It is stronger than most professional grade units on the market today I highly recommend this unit but be carefull as to the strength and start with low settings and work your way up to your needed strength.

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  • tens for pain

    I use this all the time since my rotator cuff surgery. I went through my insurance and I got a 1500 unit for $85 a month rental or $459 purchase. this unit has 3 times the features and was less than $****. Told my insurance about it but they said they were out of network...seems like they need a new network. This unit is awesome...4 modes and almost infinite settings and a auto shut off timer. I leave this hooked up all day and turn it on when I need it. Fits in shirt pocket or use with built in belt clip. I would recommend this to my friends and insurance company.....love it nad it reduces the need for ibuprophin or like drugs.

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  • TENS 7000 has really helped me.

    I have been having a problem with my back and shoulders. The chiropractor's office was using this therapy in the office so I decided to buy something similar for the house. Not knowing I was going to be further injured this has been a heaven sent. I read all the reviews and decided this was the one I wanted and have not regretted my decision. Thankful I already had it before I really needed it.

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  • Great unit - Great price

    I have a $2400 tens unit the insurance bought me. Which always needs fixing and costs $27 in postage every time I had to send it in. I saw this unit and decided to take a chance. It works GREAT! One thing is, it uses a 9 volt battery, it's not rechargeable. But it has lots of power and offers lots of variation in the settings which my high priced unit does not. Also - it only has 4 leads instead of the 8 on the expensive units. But heck - at this price if I need 8 leads I'll just buy another unit. Oh - and last thing --- the case is about 1/4 the size in weight of my other unit and I threw it right in my suitcase on our recent trip. Peace of mind - Priceless!

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  • TENS 7000 Pain Mgt Unit

    I read the many reviews on this product and thought I would get a pretty good unit. I was SHOCKED at the quality of this product. My Mom had a unit that was prescribed by a Dr and it did not even come close to this unit. She turned it back in because she would have to go to the Dr every 3 or 4 months for a new prescription. My parents are in their late 70's and used the TENS a lot. I decided to buy them each one because the price was great and I also bought me one. I have fibromyalgia and hoped it would help with that (and it does!). My dad has a bad shoulder and while I was there I hooked him up. He said it felt better within 10 to 15 minuets. Folks, if you have any doubt -- don't hesitate! You will not be disappointed!!!!

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Questions & Answers

Get your product questions answered right here.
  • Please tell me the size of the pads - are they 2" x 2" - or other than that? Thanks

    • Hello Ron, unfortunately this item is out of stock. We currently do not have inventory to check, and cannot guarantee the item will be restocked. Thank you for shopping with us.

  • I recently purchased the device; however, after only two hours of use the battery went dead. I am on my third battery in 24 hours. What is the life of the battery when the mode is continuous? The device works great but the battery is not for continuous use.

    • Hello sincjack, this awesome item is recommended to be used with a rechargeable battery for continuous use. Which will save you money in the long run and help you get the most out of you TENS Unit. Thank you for shopping with us.

  • Pads included? If not...suggestions please. thx

    • It comes with 4 pads.

  • Does this unit take regular 9 volt batteries that you can buy anywhere or are there special batteries that you have to purchase online ?

    • Hello me, these require regular 9 volt batteries. Thanks for shopping with us!

    • Just regular 9Vs but if I were to use this a lot I'd buy a Lithium battery.

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  • How do you adjust the frequency and the timing on the second channel

    • After you set one channel the second one begins to flash and you just go through the same procedure as you did with the first one. The channel indicators are located above the line that forms the setting box on the left and right.

    • When you set the first channel push set. That is done. THEN push set on the second one. If you have a problem with it take it your local pharmacy. Ask for your pharmacist, NOT a pharmacist tech. They will usually know what to do. It really is very simple. Also, there is a manuel, but honest, take it to your pharmacy, they are so happy to help out.

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  • Should an Ultrasound gel be used to help the pads stick when they loose their stickiness???

    • Hello Ahaden, you can use this with or with out gel. Item# 10249090 Is the recommended gel. Thank you for shopping with us! tb

    • No, you will need to use new pads at that point. Attempting to add gel to the pads only makes a bigger mess and they will still not stick appropriately so you can get the most benefit of the machine.

    • No, order new pads.

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  • After reading the reviews, I see there is a problem getting 9Volt batteries to work. Is there a particular place to buy the batteries?? Or can any 9 volt from the local pharmacy be used?? I would hate to be out of batteries when I am in pain. THANKS!

    • Hello ahaden, you can find 9-volt batteries under item number 12341637 and 16342741. Thank you for shopping with us!

    • Any 9 volt batteries will work in this unit. I have had mine for years. You can also buy rechargeable batteries. They will also work. A 9 volt battery is a 9 volt battery. You can buy them anywhere at all.

    • We use regular 9v and have never had any issues. They all work just fine.

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  • I am still trying to figure out the dimensions of this unit! Can it fit in my pocket so I can walk around?? Thanks!

    • it can clip on a pocket or shirt etc.

  • please explain the battery situation. I see on the Q&A from other people that other 9volt batteries wont work. please let us know what kind of battery this needs and if it needs to be rechargable. Thanks

    • Hello. I have used this TENS unit for years and it is still holding up. I am a physical therapist. Some batteries can be re-charged but go to Walmart. I get on-line and buy their brand called "Universal Super Heavy Duty" 9 Volt. These batteries are very strong and one will last much longer than any of the standard name brands you know. They cost about 1/2 of the others too. No kidding, that is what we use at work. I did not find them at our local Walmart, but I got them on-line. You get a small or huge box, whatever you want. And this particular TENS unit does not have a charger. My old one did. This is a great unit. Good luck!! Carol

  • How long is the chord?

    • Please disregard my question. I meant to ask how long are the lead wires for which I found out were 45 inches long.

  • what is the warranty ?

    • Hello sandhopper2, this unit does not come with a warranty. I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for shopping with us.

    • I have had mine for several months and it is holding up just fine.

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  • will this unit work with a 9V rechargable battery? is an lithium-ion battery?

    • Hello rroet, the TENS 7000 Pain Management Tens Unit will work with a 9 volt rechargeable battery. Please feel free to contact us again with any further questions. Thank you for shopping with us!

    • Not sure haven't tried one. Manual didn't specify

    • so you are saying it has to be a 9 volt recharageable battery not just a regular 9 volt battery

    • Still unclear, can a REGULAR 9Volt battery be used????

    • This unit will work with a rechargeable battery OR a throw away battery. I have used both.

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  • How many pads are included in the package? What kind(s) of replacement pads can be used?

    • a set of 4

    • 4 pads are included. They last longer if used as directed. Replacement pads can be ordered on this site

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  • Who is the manufacturer of this TENS unit?

    • Hello nycnycnyc, we are unable to disclose the manufacturer of some of our products; however, Overstock.com stands behind every product we sell. When necessary we can contact suppliers if a product issue arises. Thank you for shopping with us.

  • Would I need to buy anything else to use this - or does it come with what I need to start?

    • Thank you for contacting us bikegrl. This item comes with everything you need to start a treatment. It includes a battery, set of lead wires and 4 electrodes, user manual and the device itself. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    • It did come with everything to start but would order extra pads

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  • I have Dysphonia and in pain all the time. Do you think this unit might help to easy some of the pain? I look forward to hearing from you. Getting desperate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Judy

    • The TENS helped a great deal with my back pain. Then I went to physical therapy and made great progress.

    • Hello lolagrammie,We sell a lot of these, but you should check with your doctor to make sure it's a good fit for your condition.Thanks for shopping with us!

    • You know, I have been at my wits end for relief. This has worked for me, but am unfamiliar with your situation. Might want to check with Dr.

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  • Does this unit have a mode that delivers a continuous current with no pulse?

    • Hi anklepain, this unit does have a continuous option. To set this as your option, simply press the Increment button when the timer shows 60 minutes. To stop the beeping, try turning the unit off by turning the Intensity control knob counterclockwise until it shuts off. We hope this helps. Thank you for shopping with us!

    • Depends on the rate you choose, of course the lower rate means less pulse for effectiveness..

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  • can this be placed on forehead, or scalp?

    • No its definatley not recomended for the fore-head or face area

    • According to directions,this is not recommended

    Read more Read less
  • Does anyone know how to stop the beeping once it has gone through the cycle? And then how to reset it to go once again through the 60 minutes without taking out the battery?

    • You should be able to just turn the dial off and back on to restart.

    • Hello schim68, Have you tried pressing the Set button again to start a new cycle? If you think you will normally use this longer than 60 minutes, you might want to choose the Continuous option. To set this as your option, simply press the Increment button when the timer shows 60 minutes. To stop the beeping, try turning the unit off by turning the Intensity control knob counterclockwise until it shuts off. Thank you for shopping with us!

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  • What are the dimensions of the unit itself? Does it have a belt clip so it can be worn around the house or at work?

    • Hello dallas1021, Yes the Tens 7000 does have a belt clip on the back of the device. The size of the unit is as follows, 10.1 cm (L) x 6.1 cm (W) x 2.45cm (H). Have a great day!

    • it is 4inches tall by 2 1/2 wide, hes it has a strong metal belt clip, I work in the nursing field and wear mine, my entire 12 hr shift, and I sleep with it on, and for the first time I wake up in very very little pain , if none at all. great product

    • 2.5" 4.0", yes has a belt clip

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