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Best Holiday Gifts for Women

Showing the women in your life you appreciate them and know them well with a stellar holiday gift is one of the best ways to celebrate the winter holidays. When you're shopping for the perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, friend, or daughter, remember to keep her lifestyle, hobbies, and interests in mind.

Best Holiday Gifts for Men

Need an impressive gift for a great guy in your life? The best way to start shopping is to mentally list his interests and hobbies. Each shopping category has something for every man, and knowing what he loves and how he likes to spend his time makes all the difference when you're searching for the perfect gift.

Best Burberry Gifts for the Holidays

The holidays are a season for giving, so give the best with Burberry. When you're shopping for holiday gifts, the Burberry design house has everything from clothing to accessories to make the holidays cheery and bright. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift to place under the tree Christmas morning or something special to give on the first night of Hanukkah, the following tips can help you find ...

Holiday Gifts for People You Hate

This Christmas, you may be obligated to buy gifts for people you don't like. You could give a generic box of candy, but why not embrace your inner Grinch and turn the season into an opportunity? The secret isn't to give a bad gift; it should be nice enough that they'll have to say "thank you," but pointed enough to make them stop and think. So, no matter the social situation that has required you ...
What Shoppers Are Saying

Once again, Bruce Spizer triumphs!

When noted author and New Orleans native Bruce Spizer published his final book about the American records from the Beatles back in 2007, many thought he was finished with this type of publication. Behold - he strikes again with yet another winner! This time, it is called "Beatles For Sale On Parlophone ...
mrtimothyswan September 23, 2011

Overall experience w/Overstock frustrating

My experience purchasing this product was frustrating. I ordered this Tribecca Home Winsford Burnished Cherry 6-piece dining room set Oct. 20, 2014. It took Overstock 6 weeks to get the order rectified and at the end there was still an issue which they refused to remedy. (I will mention that later.) ...
JimT December 04, 2014

I'm happy. It's what I expected.

I'm pretty happy with the product so I'll give a 4 out of 5. I did get what I paid for. Don't expect the equivalent of a $*** down comforter for the that price. You just won't get it. The ad is somewhat misleading in that it does not indicate the percentage of down, in the ad. Leaving one to mistakenly ...
chasedbybear March 18, 2013

BAM! Review by TheTony

BAM! Volume 1 is a strong statement from the 15 year-old band from Gainesville, FL. Their music gets deeper and tighter with each release, and both longtime fans and Hazel virgins will find plenty of reasons to keep this latest album in heavy rotation for a while. A collection of B-sides and rareities, ...
June 22, 2007