Network Attached Storage (NAS)
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Network Attached Storage (NAS)

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145 Results
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Recent Customer Reviews in Network Attached Storage (NAS)

  • Synology DiskStation DS1813+ NAS Server

    Today $999.99 Compare $1,296.06 Save 23%
    Over the top evertthing you can imagine server.

    Feb 23, 2014

    digitalicecream  from 95828, Rating:5.0

    Wow. TVserver, media server, file server, storage, video server, IP camera, wireless access point, Bluetooth server, oh my! Needs a little more CrashPlan integration.

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  • 4TB dlna server network drive

    Aug 20, 2013

    sothunder  from Donna, Texas, Rating:5.0

    I ordered this drive for my network and it has been working great as a dlna server. Roku streaming box detects dlna server with the chenaru channel.

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  • QNAP TS-469 Pro Network Storage Server

    Today $704.99 Compare $1,295.98 Save 46%

    Feb 6, 2013

    bc88  from Fairfax, VA, Rating:5.0

    Everything I had wished for in an advanced NAS. Runs Linux and allow plugins and customization under the hood.

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  • WD Sentinel Small Office Storage Server

    Today $1,734.99 Compare $1,979.63 Save 12%

    Nov 21, 2012

    psiengineering  from Kansas City, MO, Rating:5.0

    WD's Sentinels are an excellent choice as a NAS. First, this is WD's most important product and as such, when you call in for technical support, you go right to the top. I've had nothing but top rated service when working with them with the few problems I had (not the machine). Originally, I thought I had a problem with the unit, but after looking at my approach, the problem was mine. However, I had already contacted Overstock about a return. Without questions, they immediately set forth a return for the unit, for which I did not use. Overstock has excellent customer service and so does Western Digital. The RAID 5 configuration gives me optimal reliability, space and speed for what I am doing. For the 16TB, I have 12 TB to run with. Easy to use. I already had another brand at my office, but when I compared the cost of the 4 TB drives, I basically got the NAS for free compared to the cost of these drives. Easy install. Plus, the package comes with both power supplies.

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  • Doesn't work when Received.

    Aug 25, 2011

    golfskiphoto  from Los Angeles, California, Rating:1.0

    I have purchased and used many Lacie products in the past with few problems. I purchased this LaCie d2 Network and didn't open the box to set it up for about a month after I purchased it. Upon trying to set it up I found it would not boot up. I had a IT person try repeatedly to get it to work with No success. I would not by this again. Try the G-Tech. They are highly recommended.

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