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Recent Customer Reviews in Craft Lover's Gifts

  • Jul 2, 2014

    lbersch  from St. Louis, MO, Rating:5.0

    I bought this for my 82 year old Father who is a military veteran. He proudly hangs this flag. You can see it blocks away. The colors are bold and the stitching is nicely done.

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  • Beautiful flag... but QUALITY not up to par

    Jun 21, 2014

    fremont  from Fremont, CA, Rating:1.0

    This is the second flag I've ordered from The first flag lasted for several years and has been retired. Ordered a new flag for Flag Day June 15. Received it in time, in great condition. HOWEVER, the quality of the product has gone down since my last purchase. The packaging was the same (i.e. the same vendor) but... we flew it over the recent Flag Day weekend and ... it started fraying, simply NOT "holding up". We live in the San Francisco Bay Area... so the flag was not subjected to inclement weather. We had some mild wind, a bit breezy ... but nothing that would WEAR OUT OUR BRAND NEW FLAG so badly... that it now appears a bit "tattered".. after flying just ONE WEEKEND (Note: we did not fly it for ONE WEEK-- only 2 days, took it down on the 3rd day). Would NOT recommend buying this particular flag.

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  • Jun 12, 2014

    toots888  from Texas, Rating:4.0

    These are very cute socks for Laurel Burch lovers. They feature dogs. They seem to be nice quality.

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  • A new way to handle our online world

    Jun 8, 2014

    fergyta1  from Mooresville, NC, Rating:5.0

    Our family recently experienced a death in the family and the most frustrating part of handling the estate was the lack of knowing ID's and passwords for important accounts. We sought the help of an attorney and found that this is one of today's greatest challenges for executor's of estates. Our world is different and the things we need to be concerned about are different. I've since purchased the Online Organizer for myself and other family members. Everyone is thrilled about the idea of a little book to use, not only to refresh memory about passwords, but a tool to help others. Password security is still VERY important so please keep your book somewhere safe but still accessible for your easy use. Having a book like this is a 5 star idea.

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  • Compliments every time I wear it out!

    Apr 25, 2014

    shoelover1971  from Houston, TX, Rating:5.0

    I love this bag. I use it as a carry on or put my purse in it so my other hand is free. It is a very large bag--too large to use as a purse for most people, so it holds a lot of stuff. Every time I take it out I have at least one person compliment me on it or ask where I got it. Most are so surprised to hear that I got it at It's a great bag to have and I am a dog person and the doggies are so cute and bright.

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