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  • Florida Kayakers Must Have

    Apr 24, 2010

    canvasguy  from Fort Lauderdale, Rating:5.0

    Great book with beautiful color photos. Nice map with great deal about each area.

  • Jun 8, 2010

    seastan  from Seattle, Rating:4.0

    First I heard from a friend that this is a good book so I thought of my son who needs excitement to keep him interested in a book. He loves it!! It's always nice to find a book that will be enjoyed to the last page and A Long Trek Home is just that book!

  • Feb 11, 2008

    lovestuff Rating:2.0

    If you are looking for some suggestions of travel sites world wide, this would be okay but still not super. It is just a glorified list with a few key photos. It is NOT a 'being there' experience. The ads I saw described it more like a photo travel experience. Definitely not! As for its usefulness for travel suggestions, well it is just too broad so it is skimpy on detail. If you are going to europe, then go to a book on that area so you can get some detailed suggestion. If you are going by car then look at a book on road trips. This tries to be everything for everybody and thus is too vague for anybody. It might look good on a coffee table.

  • I liked this book and I enjoyed Mr. Thompson's wri

    Dec 21, 2008

    26barney892  from Upstate NY, Rating:4.0

    I liked this book and I enjoyed Mr. Thompson's writing. Although a couple of his stories were more colorful than I would have expected, and he could be cynical (you might get a feeling for this from the title), these complaints are minor and it's hard to find fault with his candor. He has EXCEPTIONAL stories to tell. I loved the final chapter(s) which made up for any complaints I had with the color of the first few. I've set foot in many foreign countries, I have my own stories, and I would recommend his book.

  • Jan 13, 2011

    a44l  from Queens, New York, Rating:4.0

    I have lived in New York all my life (69 years) yet this book still teaches me about things to do and see in New York. It is very detailed but it needs more illustrations . One picture can be worth a thousand words.

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