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Bed - Pillows - $30 - $50

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  • Limp and flat within a couple of months

    Nov 13, 2014

    webbgirl  from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Rating:1.0

    I purchased these Euro shams due to the many positive reviews and boy was I disappointed. I use them mostly for decorative purposes and rarely use them to rest on against my headboard. In the last 2 months that I've had them, they have gone flat and are limp. This does not look pretty at all when I have my bed all made up. So unhappy with this product. I could literally fit a whole new euro sham in each of the pillow covers. That's how flat they are. Very disappointed. Wish I had purchased this item from Bed Bath and Beyond or somewhere that I could return them. They weren't exactly cheap and now I'm stuck with them.

  • Not for those with a good nose

    Nov 2, 2014

    nylulu  from Katonah, NY, Rating:1.0

    This pillow had an odor to it that I could not adjust to. I had to throw it out. Otherwise, well made and dust mite resistant, etc all goodness.

  • Great pillow for use with CPAP! Highly recommended

    Nov 5, 2014

    KrelvinAZ  from Phoenix Metro Area, Arizona, Rating:5.0

    I am a long time +8yrs CPAP user and I also sleep on my stomach rather than on my back or side. I use a Full Face mask as well which means that I have to sleep with the mask hanging over the edge of the pillow with the rest of my head supported by the pillow. I have been using the older version of this pillow for some time and I liked it. Giving this newer bigger pillow a try out. The package arrived with a pillow casing with a quilted cover with a zipper on one side, the long side instead of the end like the other model, a mixed back of Buckwheat Hulls and foam pieces and an instruction sheet. The instructions suggested filling the pillow with between 1/4 to 3/4. I decided to fill it up about 3/4's full. I used a plastic Solo cup to move the contents from the bag to the pillow. It is very light, but unlike shipping peanuts, not really sticking to things. So it was fairly easy to move, though each cup full felt like I was moving air. After filling it up to where I wanted it, I z...

  • Oct 28, 2014

    LLopez  from Chicago, Il, Rating:2.0

    If you love soft pillows then these are for you. I might as well just lay on my bed because these pillows are so soft it feels like I am laying on a cotton ball.

  • Dec 10, 2014

    elvismom1947  from ohio, Rating:5.0

    the product and the customer service were excellent The product was sadly not to specfics. I order queen made in USA pillows and I received a pillow that was the size of one you put on your sofa. Not a bed pillow

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