Allergy Bedding - Memory Foam Pillows

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Allergy Bedding - Memory Foam Pillows

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Recent Customer Reviews in Memory Foam Pillows

  • Bigger than I thought.

    Nov 26, 2014

    rdktubo  from NE Ohio, Rating:3.0

    I find this to be too big to actually get comfortable with. I thought it would be not so full. I cannot comfortably put my arm/leg around it.

  • A pillow that actually stays cool

    Oct 4, 2014

    bossmanxxl  from Pittsburgh, PA, Rating:5.0

    Love this pillow. only thing is I ordered it in green because I am a man but got purple. This pillow stays cool unlike many others I have tried.

  • Best value in a memory foam pillow I have found.

    Nov 8, 2014

    hardwarebuyer  from Portland, OR, Rating:5.0

    I slept well on it the first night and it's been very comfortable. It fits the Queen size bed perfectly. It does stay cool so I don't sweat. I'll see this winter if it's TOO cool but I'm suspecting not.

  • The Best Body Pillow EVER!!!

    Sep 4, 2014

    lionessd  from Atlanta, GA, Rating:5.0

    I purchased this pillow in July of 2011. I would say around July 2014 is when I needed to replace it. This pillow is the perfect body pillow, and I've gone through my own fair share. It is perfectly firm, without being too firm, the memory foam conforms perfectly. When I received it, it was rolled up, but had no problems "blowing" up to its intended size. Because this product is so great I will buy Sarah Peyton products with no question. The only reason that I am replacing it now is because the memory foam isn't as defined as it was for it to be 100% comfortable. My husband and children still enjoy the pillow so it will not be disposed of. I just prefer a little more firmness it helps my back while I am sleeping. The quality is great, there is still no physical wear and tear on it. When I say firm, it's not the firm, where you can't actually enjoy laying on the pillow because it doesn't bend and is too hard to be comfortable. The memory foam takes care of that part. I hope I can find t...

  • Oct 7, 2014

    yanni2d  from Sequim, WA, Rating:5.0

    It is so nice to get a good night's sleep again, & this pillow does the trick. It took me a bit to get it worn in a bit, & not be too stiff, but it is working out great. I have insomnia quite often, so having a comfortable pillow is key. I highly recommend this pillow as it supports the head & neck exactly as it should. I won't go back to buying any other type of pillow ever again.

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