Memory Foam Pillows
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Memory Foam Pillows

Discover a collection of memory foam pillows to ensure comfort for any customer. Free shipping on orders over $50.*

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Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows are designed to nestle your head and neck by contouring to your unique shape. Pillows aren't just used for supporting your head; they can be used to prop up legs, back, arms -- any part of your body that needs the added support. Memory foam is the high-tech visco-elastic material touted by medical experts as the best way to reduce chronic aches and pains. Imagine not waking in the mornings with a kink in your neck or pain in your shoulders. With a memory foam pillow, this can be a reality.
Sleep can have an effect on your health and happiness, so we think it's crucial that you outfit your bed with the best bedding products. We love great bedding as much as you do, and that's why we offer such a massive selection of the very best memory foam pillows at low, low prices every day.
Memory foam pillows are some of the best pillows on the market, and they are available in contour pillow and traditional pillow shapes, so you can find the memory foam pillow for your specific needs. When resting, your body heat will transfer to the pillow, molding the form of your neck, head and shoulders and ensuring that you have a blissful night of rest. When you get up, the memory foam will spring back into its original shape, ready to comfort you again night after night. It's possible to find memory foam pillows for sleepers of all types, so whether you are looking for a travel pillow or a body pillow, you shouldn't have any trouble finding them made from memory foam.

Recent Customer Reviews in Memory Foam Pillows

  • Jul 22, 2014

    warmone1  from Philadelphia pa, Rating:5.0

    I bought four of these pillows over two years ago they are great pillows they are still holding out perfectly just like the day I bought them. I am here now to buy more of these pillows because every body keeps going stealing them from I am now down to two of these pillows and I'm going to buy four more just in case any more of my relatives get sticky fingers for my pillows. I don't want any other pillow in my house these are the best I ever had and I am very happy that after 2 years they are still in perfect condition.

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  • Comfort Dreams Personal-size Specialty Memory Foam

    Jul 22, 2014

    angie3656  from NY, Rating:1.0

    I'm very disappointed at this product. It contains no memory foam. It's very hard, not comfortable at all. I needed it for sleeping after an operation and it was so hard like a stone. Hard, uncomfortable, not what it represented in the add at all. I disliked it very much. I feel I lost twice, the opportunity to use it to relax and sleep and the money I paid for it.

    • Would you recommend this to a friend? No
  • just what i needed

    Jul 16, 2014

    aaubball  from Brewster NY, Rating:5.0

    I bought the 3 piece memory foam pillow set specifically for the lumbar support pillow and the neck pillow because i had an 8 hr plane ride coming up and I have had issues with my lower back for years. I'm in good shape and do everything I can to keep my back strong so that I can still be athletically active but I still have issues. The lumbar support made the plane ride doable. Its a little bigger then I would like but I still use it everyday at work (i sit at a desk for my job). The neck pillow ams in handy on the flight too. I do not use the large back support so can not comment in its effectiveness,

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  • Jul 14, 2014

    roxanimal  from California, Rating:3.0

    This pillow is thick and extremely firm. I can't use it to sleep on, it hurts my neck. I use it now as a lap desk for my MacBook.

    • Would you recommend this to a friend? No
  • Jul 11, 2014

    nursejane644  from Casper Wyoming, Rating:3.0

    The pillows are a big disappointment even after having read all the reviews. They are not as firm as I thought they would be, difficult to handle and this may be due to their size. They are average and nothing special. These are the most expensive pillows I have ever bought and find that I could have had the same comfort for less money.

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