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Body Pillow Size - Down

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Recent Customer Reviews in Down

  • Expected Better but Not Entirely Unhappy

    Dec 3, 2014

    Sheza  from Charlotte, NC, Rating:4.0

    I expected there to be a real circle of down to cushion my head. All of the reviews really sold me on these pillows. However we are layering them on top of other pillows since my head tends to sink when I lay directly on these pillows. They need to be fluffed and squished under your head for support otherwise you just sink. They are super soft but in my opinion they offer as much support as sleeping directly on the mattress.

  • smells like a dead body....

    Dec 10, 2014

    smileyam1  from La Jolla, Ca, Rating:1.0

    I have purchased 4 goose down pillows and a goose down king sized mattress topper from overstock and absolutely loved the products. Wish this was the case with this purchase. It started out arriving like a pancake so I laid it out for 48 hours on a king sized bed flat fluffing it several times a day. Noticing a steady worsening odor coming from the comforter??? Began to stink up the room so I placed it in my front loader on special setting of down pillow setting where I was hoping the smell would be eliminated. I was wrong. The smell got so severe I almost threw it away, it smelled like a dead body!! I'm in the medical field bad smells don't usually both me but this one almost took me down and out! I have no clue what to do with this nasty smelling comforter! I'm pretty sure its going back to overstock!!!

  • not downlike enough

    Dec 13, 2014

    earlylight  from Albany, NY, Rating:3.0

    I found these pillows to be a bit too mushy on the outside and too firm on the inside. Back to real down pillows for me.

  • Too soft for a sham pillow

    Dec 4, 2014

    KAM  from Virginia, Rating:3.0

    Some of these reviews are way over stated that it would be great for a sham pillow, so I ordered a set. I'm not too happy about it because the manufacture indicated that the fillers is stuffed with ducks feathers lol. If I wanted ducks feathers I could have gone to the park nearby. In addition, It was not firm enough to use as a sham pillow as one of the reviews said it was. Unfortunately, I would not recommend these products to my friends because they have high end taste and this pillows will not do for them. This is my first time ordering pillows online and this will be my last. It taught me a lesson not to really go by any review.

  • Dec 4, 2014

    joan1963  from SC, Rating:5.0

    Down pillows. Not imitation. These are the best. In fact I bought another set. The price is phenomenal & it is so hard to get the real thing. I jumped in this & am so glad I did. Love love love.

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