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  • My baby loves these bottles!

    Jun 21, 2013

    alegna226  from New York, NY, Rating:5.0

    These bottles are a lifesaver! With the other bottles I've tried my baby boy would stop in the middle of the feeding, I would burp him and then continue the feeding. This made the feedings long and trust me I didn't look forward to doing that in the middle of the night. Now with these Dr. Brown bottles my baby gulps down his milk in one shot; no gas!!! After he is done, and I burp him he lets out a little burp versus a huge burp (that I'm sure bothered him) as he used to let out when he would drink from the OTHER bottles. Thank you to whoever makes these. If you are weary about trying it, what do you have to lose. This could be the comfort your baby is looking for.

  • Best bottle for breastfeeding babies

    Mar 13, 2014

    ljzmom  from Bellevue, WA, Rating:5.0

    My baby girl didn't have any problems going from breast to Comotomo from the very beginning. She is now three months old and she is still breastfeeding and using Comotomo! I recommend this bottle to all of my to-be-mom friends!

  • Nov 23, 2013

    unhappycustomer101  from Syracuse,ne, Rating:1.0

    this site is stupid. idk why its taking a month to reveive my order but its ridiculous. and i still havent seen it. i will not be ordering from here again.

  • Adiri 9.5 oz NxGen Stage 1 Nurser

    Aug 9, 2013

    justagrl76  from California, Rating:3.0

    I have mixed feelings about the Adiri 9.5oz NxGen Stage 1 Nurser. It has a very nice sized nipple. It is wide & feels soft which is great. However it leaked. I had to make sure the bottle never tipped over even while capped because the milk would just pour out. I think the nipple hole was too big because all I had to do was tip it into my son's mouth & milk would fill his mouth. That's not good for a little guy who is having bottle feeding trouble as it is. It gave him no incentive to suckle & was often too much for him to swallow at once. It's listed as a slow flow bottle for a 3-6month old but it didn't work for my 3 month old. Maybe I got a defective one...don't know :o/

  • Functional and cute

    Feb 16, 2014

    acandyce  from Colorado Springs, CO, Rating:5.0

    Great design -- form meets function. Easy to use, easy to clean and gosh darn cute! What more could you want?

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